Monday, November 29, 2010

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How to import/export Google Friends Connect

Once moving from blogspot to own hosted wordpress blog, many people will see their Followers(from google friend connect) at their new blog has turning into ZERO. This is because the google Friend connect installed before for their old blog is using different id. To 'restore' your former follower to the new blog google friend connec is to reregister the new google friend connect with the same id of former google friend connect. 

The step is like below:

1) Go to google friend page:

2) Then login with your blogger/google account.

3) Choose which blog that you want the google friend widget to be transfered.

4) See at the url address at your browser. Note the friendconnect id for your blog.


p/s: your ud is the XXXXXXXXXX

5) Then copy and replace your id into below url:

6) Add the new blog domain/subdomain of your blog. Thats all.

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