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IMG 405/3 Food Packaging


The course is designed to help students identify and consider major requirements of packages for a range of food products that require shelf life extension. The key focus in this subject is on knowledge and application of the properties of commonly used packaging materials such as paper, plastic, metal and glass. The physical and chemical properties of these food packaging materials are studied in relation to their use in food- packaging applications. This coupled with an understanding of the compatability requirements of food products and container which form the basic for the choice and selection of packaging material for a specific product. Modern food packaging practices related to meats, beverages, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, and snack foods will also be covered in this course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
- Discuss packaging related issues such as material selection and forming technique.
- Understand the material properties of various packaging raw materials as well as the final package.
- Identify and developed new ideas for food packaging materials.
- Identify appropriate food packaging requirements in food products.
- Critically analyze food packaging strategies and assess appropriateness with regard to safety as well as costs and benefits.


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