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IMK221 - Foods Ingredients (lecture 1-6)

Overview & Gums and Stabilizers

Hi everyone! Welcome to this e-learning course. This is the first time the course "Food Ingredients" go online and you have the privilege to be the first group to have access to this online course. This e-learning course would be very basic -- unlike the course IMK 209 -- I will use this space just to upload resources for you. I hope I can improve on this course when time permits.

When come to acquiring knowledge, there's no substitute for reading. Yes, read more to learn more (you have heard this before wink). As a food technologist, we have to keep up-to-date with the latest and current information on various issues or aspects of food science and technology. As far as food ingredients are concern, scientific journals and trade magazines are good source of information - examples are Food Technology, The World of Food Ingredients, Prepared Foods, Food Product Design, and many more. Here are direct links to some of these resources:
  • Food Product Design -- Online magazine for food and beverage industry news, product features, editorial library, and many more. Under "Features/Column" you will find many useful articles on different types of food ingredients. Often the article is written in less technical way but provide practical information for practicing food technologists. Food Product Design now offers WEBINARS, free online seminars that provide helpful information on topics, research and products. These Webinars are a combination of conference call, web-based visuals and are hosted by a panel of experts. You will find a wealth of information in each Webinar, ranging from marketing techniques, formulation tips and the latest news and science. Additionally, these Webinars are available on demand and can be viewed at your convenience—anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. Highly recommended! 
Download all the file you need here:

Lecture 1-6 material: Download

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